Giveaways for Christmas are what make me happy, so here’s to giving free things to make others happy~

Giveaway gubbins 
- Snazaroo of any colour
- One pair of coloured/mesh circle lenses (like these)
- One (or maybe two) Perler Bead Sprites
- A flower headband, your choice of colours
- One SBHJ Christmas sweater OR one of the t-shirts shown. (Blood or no blood if wanted)
- One pair of character glasses
- Pleated skirt of colour choice.
- One pair of horns (no large horns such as Tavros or Gamzee)
Bonus Scalemate if I can manage to sew one properly.
Also anything I randomly find and feel like throwing into the mix.

- Don’t have to be following me but hey feel free to~
- No giveaway blogs
- I ship worldwide so everybody can have at it
- Likes and Reblogs count but Tumblr only shows the most recent reblog so don’t spam your followers with it
- Ends January 1st (I may extend it?)
- Forgive me for the bad quality photos
- UH
- Have fun and Happy Holidays.